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Organizational Transformation

With our support, you can tackle your organizational transformation from three different angles:

Our team of change experts will manage your transformation project.

three different angles

Organizational Transformations TO THE CORE

Be ready for future change.

A solid educational foundation plus a practical toolkit delivered by change experts will prepare your teams for your next transformation project.

Start your project with the right momentum:

Knowledge - Practice -

First results

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American/ German business relations

Our Consultancy Services

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Our Consultancy services are dedicated to facilitating German/ American business expansions.


Whether you're a German company looking to establish a presence in the American market or an American firm aiming to expand into Germany, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs and objectives.


Our expertise extends beyond the typical business strategies. We delve deep into understanding the cultural nuances that can make or break a successful expansion. Through comprehensive workshops and training sessions, we equip your team with the skills necessary to bridge cultural gaps, fostering a harmonious and productive international work environment.

Do you think in upside and downside potentials?

Where is the downside potential of a free assessment of your upcoming change project?

Cross-Cultural Excellence

Key Success Factor in multicultural business settings

Here are a few scenarios

Scenario: A German company planning to enter the American market or vice versa needs guidance on market entry strategies, regulatory compliance, and understanding consumer behavior.

Our Solution: We manage and drive your transformation holistically: We develop a successful market entry strategy that aligns with local business practices and consumer expectations.

Gap the bridge with our

“Equip To Transform”- Workshops

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Sometimes it is not the time for the big change yet, or the change is not “big enough” to get a consultancy onboard, or you think working with a consultant would drain resources?




there are so many pitfalls, different level of education on the matter, and after all 7 out of 10 change projects fail.


But how would it be if we help you to take the first steps and make your transformation project a success ??

We at To The Core Consulting believe in Empowerment and Enablement.

empower and enable

Knowledge - comprehensive educational foundation and insights from real- life examples from our consultancy success stories designed will align knowledge, deepen their understanding


Practice - Interactive sessions, group discussions, and hands-on activities plus a toolkit will enable you to bring everything you learned to life in your own organization.


First Results - Start the transformation journey together. Equipped with knowledge, skills and insights your team will have the opportunity to take the first steps of your organization’s transformation project. Our experienced consultants will guide your team through a catalyzed development process and help review and expand on the results in a dedicated half-day workshop.


This will empower your team with the confidence and skills to drive meaningful transformation within your organization.

Equip To Transform

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Ultimately, our workshops are not just an educational opportunity;

it is a catalyst for innovation and growth.

Kristin Schleicher- Founder and CEO


Organizational Design & Effectiveness

Knowledge - Comprehensive educational foundation of organizational design, such as various structure types, effectiveness frameworks, change management, talent management, technology, and best practices, as well as insights from real- life examples from our consultancy success stories.


Practice - Challenges, trial- and error drills, process mapping, will help you to transfer your learnings into your organization.


First Results - Through a catalyzed development process you will create a first Organizational Design specifically for your organization. Our experienced consultants will help you evaluate your concept from a variety of perspectives, including feasibility, efficiency, resource utilization, sustainability, and scalability.


Now your team is equipped to transform your Organizational Design!


Your Investment:

Prices start at $2,900

This program is an example (1 1/2 days - $ 4,500) and can be adjusted to your organizations need.

Please contact us! We are here to help!

Group Size: up to 15 participants.

  • Definition of Organizational Design

    • Explanation of organizational design concepts and principles.

    • Importance of aligning organizational structure with strategy.

  • Types of Organizational Structures

    • Overview of functional, divisional, matrix, and hybrid organizational structures.

    • Pros and cons of each structure type.

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