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At TO THE CORE Consulting LLC, we specialize in delivering transformative solutions that focus on cultural awareness, collaboration, and personal growth across organizational, team, and individual levels. We offer customized strategies, tools, and frameworks for organizations, providing end-to-end services from strategy development to implementation. They drive transformative change, equip clients with skills for sustainability, and deliver impactful results for future success.​

At “TO THE CORE Consulting LLC”, our mission is to empower organizations and individuals to achieve sustainable success through transformative solutions with focus on cultural integration and diversity. We help our clients thrive in dynamic and diverse business environments by focusing on cultural awareness, collaboration and personal growth at every level.

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About Kristin Schleicher

I thought a lot about what you probably WANT to know about me- but also what you NEED to know about me.  Your time is valuable, so let me start with:
Kristin picture

I have been sitting in my client's chair for over 10 years, therefore allow me to point out the following:

  • I actively listen and I speak my clients' language.

  • I answer most questions before they are asked.

  • I don't waste my clients' time by making things more complicated than they need to be.

  • I make your change efforts sustainable because I am passionate about learning organizations.

And I understand that some projects are too small to get a budget to hire a consultancy firm - but the advice would still be invaluable. Please give me a call - I am sure I have a solution.

Yours, Kristin

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