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Organizations. Teams. People.

We help your organization, teams and individuals to navigate rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions, and HR transformations effectively in a multinational or multicultural setting.


..refers to a comprehensive and profound change or evolution that impacts the fundamental aspects of a business, team, or individual.

To The Core

​...implies going beyond surface-level adjustments and delving deep into the core essence or foundation to bring about significant and lasting change.

Kristin Schleicher- Founder and CEO

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Who we are

Transformation - TO THE CORE


At TO THE CORE Consulting LLC, we specialize in delivering transformative solutions that focus on cultural awareness, collaboration, and personal growth across organizational, team, and individual levels.


​Our customized solutions are designed to stimulate holistic organizational growth, enhance team performance, and empower individuals to succeed in multicultural environments. By leveraging our deep knowledge in managing diverse and multicultural teams, we guide our clients toward long-term success, encouraging innovation and collaboration at all stages.


​With a network of cooperating consultants in both Germany and the USA, we provide extensive cross-continental expertise and support, offering comprehensive and tailored solutions that span from the initial planning stages to post-project execution.

We Are Experts in Transformations

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